Friday, August 3, 2012

A room of wonder

A room of wonder is a performative installation project that departs from the literal but torn meaning behind the word biography: a life that writes and collects. It interests me the multiple ways that a man writes his history and how he belongs to a wider community, the biography codes through which one is seen, read, historicized. Writing as related to tracing, to registering, to framing; biography as related to accumulation, collection of moments, images, and sensations.

Recently I came across the wonder rooms and the cabinets of curiosities. These collections of singular objects common during the Renaissance were collections of universes, whose categorical frontiers were yet to be defined. They were pre-museums of individual claim and a model for a microcosm or theater of the world, a memory gallery. They were particular inventories, highly meticulous of what one felt as out of the common thread, as land marking, singular, bizarre. A sort of tridimensional diary of what had produced wonder in that person.

A room of wonder proposes the adventure of creating the collection of wonders of a group of artists and its insertion in real time in an exhibition room for common share.  A collection of their artistic trajectories, of their days, of their belonging to different histories of the art, of the scene, of their imaginaries and of their time. A collection of men and women, dancers, actors, sculptors, video artists, performers, ordinary people, working collaboratively across fields, helping each other sharing tools and knowledge for the creation of one room of wonders.

On our present days, the museums have become the guardians of mankind’s common history, where the categorizations have gained the force of the absolutes, however, the desire of making one’s own inventory of the world, one’s own collection of wonders, hasn’t abandoned us. Visible in the endless quantities of blogs and in the proliferation of virtual social networks, more than ever, the force of the inventory still continues enchanting individuals in their Simultaneously, these individuals search for witnesses of their present and throw themselves, yet in a stumbling and provisory way, into the challenge of creating another possible future through the rewriting of their own past. 

The project will be part of the program International Creator in Residency at Tokyo Wonder Site, from September to November 2012, in the creation of a collection in collaboration with Japanese artists coming from different fields. From January 2013, the project starts a new collection in Rio de Janeiro with Brazilian performing artists, funded by FADA.

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