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Gustavo Ciríaco (Rio de Janeiro, 1969), starts his career in Political Sciences and then drifts to dance making and contextual works. He’s been to Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East in projects, workshops and artistic collaborations.  Marked by an interest in present making and sensible sharing, his work has been at important festivals, galleries, events and venues (Springdance / Utrecht, Tanz im August / Berlin, Frankfurt Schausspiele, Paris Quartier d’Été, Ferme de Buisson Michel Journiac / Paris, Théâtre du Merlan, Galerie Prague International Festival, Casa Encendida,  In-Presentables, Bienal de Danza del Caribe/Havana; Alkantara and Culturgest / Lisbon; CENEART/Mexico City; Panorama/Rio; Vooruit / Ghent; Metropolis/Copenhagen; SESC/São Paulo; Constelaciones, Buenos Aires; Serralves Museum, Porto; V22, BAC, Chelsea Theatre, Laban Centre / London, NOttDance, Arnolfini, Ikon Gallery, Fierce!; amongst others. In his works he dialogues with the historical, material and affective context one is immersed within in any given situation.  Ciriaco’s work moves from multimedia staged conceptual work to convivial and open-air experiences. Delicate and yet funny, the works tend to involve the spectator in a shared production of both present and presence. He’s been acting in urban space projects: Here whilst we walk (premiered at Alkantara, Lisbon 2006, and seen at Tanz im August/Berlin, Museu Serralves/Porto, Galerie Michel Journiac, Paris Quartier d’Été/Paris, In-presentables/Madrid, Chelsea Theatre/London, a.o.) and Neighbors (Casa Encendida, Madrid 2009  and Al Mamal Foundation, Jerusalem, 2011), both projects in collaboration with Andrea Sonnberger (Aus); in conversational pieces: Drifting (Casa França-Brasil, Rio; Bamboo Curtain Studio, Taipei; Desaba & Centro Cultural de São Paulo; Galeria Zé dos Bois, Lisbon; Espaço Maus Hábitos, Porto, Pt), in collaboration with António Pedro Lopes (Pt); and in dance projects: Still – sob o estado das coisas (SESC São Paulo, 2007), Nada. Vamos Ver  (Nothing. We shall see) (SESC São Paulo and Culturgest, Lisbon, 2009) and Eles vão ver (They shall see) (Panorama, Rio, 2010). In 2011, he was the artistic director of Manifesta! at Teatro Cacilda Becker, Rio de Janeiro and guest curator for an exchange program between the occupation project ENTRE (Rio) and Chelsea Theatre (London). In 2012, he started the landscape project Where the horizon moves in Portugal (Maus Hábitos & Guimarães Capital Européia da Cultura) and in the UK  (V22 & 2012 London Festival, as part of the Brazilian artistic mission Rio Occupation London).  He is now is an International Creator in Residence at Tokyo Wonder Site - Ayoama. 

.Full Vitae.

(a) Education
Graduated in Political Sciences at the Philosophy and Social Sciences Institute of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1992)
Technical course at Angel Vianna School for Contemporary Dance (Escola e Faculdade Angel Vianna), in Rio de Janeiro (1995).

(b) Artistic residencies
. Tokyo Wonder Site / Tokyo, Japan / September-November 2012
.  v22, as part of Rio Occupation London & London Cultural Festival / London, UK / July 2012
. Maus Hábitos & Guimarães European Cultural Capital / Guimarães, Portugal / June 2012
. Galeria ZDB & Espaço Negócio / Lisbon, Portugal / January 2012
. Al Mamal Foundation / Jerusalem, Israel / October 2011
. DESABA / São Paulo, Brazil / April-May 2011
. Movimiento 6 / Santiago, Chile / April 2010
. Bamboo Curtain Studio / Taipei, Taiwan / July 2010
. Casa Encendida and Aula de Danza-Universidad Alcallá de Henares / Madrid, Spain /  October 2008 and October 2009
. Espaço Alkantara / Lisbon, Portugal / July 2009
. Centre Chorégraphique National d’Angers / Angers, France /  December 2009
. Centre Chorégraphique National de Tours / Tours, France / August, 2009
. Centre National de la Danse / Paris, France /  June 2009
. Menagérie de Verre / Paris, France / March 2009
. Centre d’Éxchange et d’Accueil les Récollets / Paris, France / July-September 2008
. Centro Coreográfico da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro / Rio, Brazil / 2005-2006
. Panorama Festival / Rio de Janeiro, Brazil / October 2005

(c) Works

A room of wonder  | Sala de maravilhas (2012-2013)
MAM – Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro, April 2013 (to be confirmed).
Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo, Japan. Sept-Nov 2012.

Onde o horizonte se move | Where the horizon moves (2012)
V22 & London Cultural Olympiad 2012, London, UK. July 2012.
Maus Hábitos & Guimarães European Cultural Capital 2012, Guimarães, Portugal. June 2012.

Drifting (2010-2012)
Collaboration project with António Pedro Lopes (Pt)

Maus Hábitos, Porto, Portugal, February 2012.
ZDB, Lisbon, Portugal. January 2012.
DESABA and Semanas de Dança – Centro Cultural São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil, April-May 2011.
Bamboo Arts Studio, Taipei, Taiwan, July 2010.
Casa França Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. May 2010.

Eles vão ver / They shall see (2011)
Instituto Itaú Cultural, São Paulo, Brazil. March 2010.
Semana de Dança, João Pessoa, Brazil. November 2010.
Diagnóstico Dança, Goiânia, Brazil. November 2010.
Panorama Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. November 2010.
Teatro Anchieta, São Paulo, May. April 2011.

Vizinhos / Neighbors (2009)
Collaboration project with Andrea Sonnberger (Aus)

Première at Festival En Tránsito, La Casa Encendida, October 2009. Madrid, Spain.

Jerusalem Show, Jerusalem, Israel. October, 2011.

Work in progress showings:
Alkantara. August 2009, Lisbon, Portugal.
Casa Encendida, October 2008. Madrid, Spain.
Aula de Danza/ Universidad Alcallá de Henares, October 2008. Alcallá de Henares, Spain.

Now (2009-2010)
Collaboration project with Annabelle Pulcini (Fr)
Work in progress showings:
Centre National de Danse d´Angers. December 2009. Angers, France.
Centre National Chorégraphique de Tours. September 2009. Tours, France.
Teatro Cacilda Becker. August 2009. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Nada. Vamos ver. / Nothing. We shall see. (2009)
Premiered at: Teatro SESC Av. Paulista, February, 2009. São Paulo, Brazil.
Festival Temps d´Images, Culturgest, November 2009. Lisbon, Portugal.
Panorama Festival, November 2009. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Arena. (2009)
Collaboration installation work with Marcela Levi and Flávia Meireles.

Premiered at: Solos de Dança do SESC, March 2009. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Still – sob o estado das coisas (2007)

Premiered at: Teatro SESC Avenida Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil. March 2007.

Espaço Cultural Sérgio Porto, May 2009. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Festival Internacional de Dança de Recife. October 2008. Recife, Brazil.
Panorama Festival, November 2008. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
In-Transit Festival, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, June 2008. Berlin, Germany.
Bienal de Danza de Havana, April 2008. Havana, Cuba.

Here whilst we walk (2006)
Collaboration project with Andrea Sonnberger

Premiered at: Alkantara Festival, June 2006. Lisbon, Portugal.

Theatre in Ordinary Life Spaces – discussions and
Demonstrations, Digital Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan. December 2012.
Festival du Tourisme Aléatoire, Ferme du Buisson, Paris, France. June 2012.
Goteborg Dans & Teater Festival, Gothemburg, Sweden. May 2012
Chelsea Theatre, London, UK. July 2011.
Serralves em Festa, May 2011. Porto, Portugal.
Intimate Strangers, April 2011. Ghent, Belgium.
Festival Verão Azul, February, 2011. Lagos, Portugal.
Bienal de Dança de Fortaleza, October 2010. Fortaleza, Brazil.
Festival de Dança Contemporanea, November 2010. São Paulo, Brazil.
Movements in urban space, June 2010. Leipzig, Germany.
Prague International Theatre Festival, Oct. 2009. Prague, Czech Republic.
Centre National Chorégraphique de Tours, Sept. 2009. Tours, France.
Metropolis, Kobenhavn Internasjonal Teater, August 2009. Copenhagen, Denmark.
Der Flaneur - The congress, Schausspiel Frankfurt. June 2009. Frankfurt, Germany.
En marche, Galerie Michel Journiac, Paris, France. April 2009.
Tanz im August, August 2008. Berlin, Germany.
Festival Ex-centrique. May 2008. Chinon, France.
Contact Theatre. May 2008. Manchester, UK.
Sacred festival, at Chelsea Theatre, May 2008. London, UK.
Festival Paris Quartier d’Été. July 2007. Paris, France.
Festival Les 7 Collines, July 2007. St. Étienne, France.
Festival Pazzapas, Théâtre du Merlan. May 2007. Marseille, France.
Liverpool Live 06, at Bluecoat Art Centre, October 2006. Liverpool, UK.
Here whilst we walk / here whilst we talk – performance and lectures, at Der Farberei, September 2006. Munich, Germany.
In-presentable, at Casa Encendida, June 2006. Madrid, Spain.

Nottdance festival, April/ May 2006. Nottingham, England.
Arnolfini, May 2006. Bristol, England
Junction theatre, May 2006. Cambridge, England
Laban Centre, May 2006. London, England.
Fierce! Festival, at Ikon Gallery, May 2006. Birmingham, England.

Work in progress:
Panorama festival, November 2005. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Uma conferência Imaginária / An Imaginary Conference (2004)
Premiered at: Made in Brésil, Ferme du Buisson. May 2004. Paris, France.

LIFT – Visiting card, Battersea Arts Center, London, UK. July 2012.
Seminário Internacional de Composición Coreográfica, Mexico City, Mexico. December 2010.
Teatro Camino, Festival Movimiento 6, March 2010. Santiago, Chile.
In-Transit Festival, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, June. Berlin, Germany.
Cocoa Datei Festival, November 2008. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Dialogos Neuquén, November 2008. Neuquén, Argentina.
Festival Internacional de Dança de Araraquara, September 2007. Araraquara, Brazil.
Performance and Human Rights (PSI and London Live Art Agency). June 2006. London, UK.
Diálogos Dentro e Fora do Eixo, at SESC Ipiranga, July 2006. São Paulo, Brazil.
Festival Internacional de Dança de Recife, in October 2006. Recife, Brazil.
World Cultural Forum, Teatro Jóquei, November 2006. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
SESC Theaters Tour (SESC Ramos, SESC São Gonçalo, SESC São João de Meriti), April 2006. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Centro Cultural Dragão do Mar, February 2006. Fortaleza, Brazil.
Alkantara, August 2005. Lisbon, Portugal.

Jorge (2003)
Premiered at: Panorama Festival, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. November 2003.
Later performed at:Mostra Artística of the World Cultural Forum, at Teatro SESC Pompéia, in São Paulo. July 2004; Festival Porto Alegre Em Cena, in Porto Alegre, Brazil. September 2004; 6th Caxias do Sul em Cena, in Caxias do Sul, Brazil. September 2004; Festival Internacional de Nova Dança, in Brasília, Brazil. February 2005; the Year of Brazil in France. Nov. and Dec. 2005. 

Early  pieces:
From 1995 until 2005, together with Frederico Paredes, they formed the company Dupla de Dança Ikswalsinats, where they developed a singular choreographic research allying humour to contemporary dance. Based in Rio de Janeiro, Ikswalsinats was supported by the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro through the Programa de Subvenção à Dança Carioca, from 2003 until 2005. For Mildred Mildred, the company was awarded a choreographic grant from the city´s cultural institute (RioArte).  Mildred Mildred (2001) took part of Springdance / Preview, in April 2002, in Utrecht, Holland; under FILO – International Theatre Festival of Londrina, in May, and at the Festival Made in Brésil, at Ferme du Buisson, in Paris (May/2004), among others. Other pieces produced by the Dupla were Campos em Separado (1996), Cem Águas (1997), Não Pertence (1999), E nem mencione Esther Williams (2000), Também (2000), and the urban performances No meio do caminho (2002) and Dormimo-nos-emos aqui (2003).

(d) Grants and awards
- International creator in residence, Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo, Japan. Sep-Nov 2012.
- Danceweb, Impulstanz Festival, Vienna, Áustria. July 2011.
- Rumos Dança Itaú Cultural, 2010.
- Emerging Artists Residency Award, Bamboo Curtain Studio, Taipei, Taiwan. July 2010.
-Les Récollets, in partnership with Centre National de la Danse, Paris, France.
-Klauss Vianna Prize awarded by Funarte (National Foundation for the Arts) as a research grant for Nothing. We shall see. (2008)
-APCA (São Paulo Arts Critics Association) Prize for the piece Still – sob o estado das coisas as the Best Dance Conception in 2007
- Nominee to Bravo! Prize for the piece Still as one of the best dance pieces of 2007; - Klauss Vianna prize awarded by Funarte as creation and production grant of the dance piece Still (2006/2007)
- Bolsa RioArte, a research grant project on the production of humor in contemporary dance.Eventually it led to the creation of the spectacle Mildred Mildred (2000-2001), in collaboration with Frederico Paredes.

(e) Lectures
. V&A Museum, London, UK. July 2012;
. Sacred Festival, Chelsea Theatre, London, Uk. November 2011;
. Ramallah Fine Arts University, Ramallah, Palestine. October 2011;
. Manifesta, Teatro Cacilda Becker, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. September 2011;
. El Climamola, Barcelona, Spain. June 2011;
. Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain. June 2011;
. A minha história da dança, Fórum Dança, Lisbon, Portugal;
. Espaces de La Danse, Opéra de Lyon/Maison de La Danse/Université Lyon 1, . Lyon, France. November 2009.
 . Seminario de Dança e Pensamento, Fortaleza, Brazil. January 2009.
. Festival Danza en tránsito – Teatro Solis, Montevideo, Uruguay. December 2008.
. Diálogos Néuquen, Argentina, November 2008;
. La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain.  November, 2008.
. Aula de danza – Universidad Alcallá de Henares, Spain. October 2008.
. Ikus Mira, at the Basque University, Bilbao, Spain. June 2008.
. Der Farberei, Munich, Germany. September 2006.
. Panorama da Dança – Round table Rights on scene – contemporary dance and human rights, November 2006.
. Conversas Alkantara, at Fnac Chiado, in Lisbon, June 2006.
. O Corpo Representado (The represented body) at Itaú Cultural Institute, in São Paulo, Brazil. March 2005
. International Dance Encounter / Encontro Internacional de Dança, at British Council (Rio de Janeiro) and at Itau Cultural Institute (São Paulo). May 2005.
. Chá com Isadora/ Tea with Isadora, at Espaço SESC  Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 2003
. Dança é para se ouvir, at Festival Dança Brasil, at CCBB, Rio de janeiro, Brazil. 2003.
. Springdance Dialogue, in Utrecht, Holland. 2002.
. I Encontro de Dança da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ. 2001.

(f) Teaching experiences
Dance History teacher at Angel Vianna School (1998-2010); Dance History Substitute Professor at Angel Vianna Faculty (2005); Substitute Professor at the Dance Faculty of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. (2005 and 2006); Professor at the Dance College of UniverCidade (University of the City of Rio de Janeiro), in Rio de Janeiro. (2003-2005)

(g) Participation in collaborative projects with other artists and collectives

-       August – Better sitting than standing, better laying down than sitting, Citemor, collaboration in António Pedro Lopes’s work.
-       (Sand) walk with me, collaboration in the creation of Marcela Levi’s performance, Rio Occupation Project & London Cultural Olympiad. July 2012.
-       Corpo Sub-reptício, Teatro São Luís, Lisbon, Portugal. Participation in the work of Vera Mantero, João Galante, Ana Borralho, Francisco Camacho, al. April 2012.
-       Manifesta,  at Teatro Cacilda Becker, in collaboration with Dyonne Boy, Lucía Russo, Marcela Levi and Marta Vieira. September-December 2011.
-       It will be what we make it, project conceived by Mark Depputer and Bojan Cvejic, promoted by Alkantara, in Lisbon, with a team of choreographers, performers, architects, theoreticians, musicians and producers. November 2007;
-        Não Olhe Agora – by Coletivo Improviso – directed by the Brazilian theatre artists Enrique Diaz and Mariana Lima, with performances at: RioCenaContemporânea festival (Oct. 2003); Festival Made in Brésil, at Ferme du Buisson, in Paris (May 2004); Festival d’Aurrillac, in France (August 2004); at La Filature, in Mulhouse (May 2005);
-       Three Continents project (Brazil-Mozambique-Norway), conceived and organized by the Brazilian choreographer Cristina Moura, October 2003;
-       Sala de Estar, conceived by the Brazilian artist Andrea Jabour with artists from the Czech Republic, Denmark, Australia and Brazil. During 2003;
-       Meeting in the middle (Brazil-Germany-South Korea), conceived and organized by the German choreographer Katja Wachter, in Munich, Germany. From November 2001 until January 2002. In partnership with Frederico Paredes.

(h) Organization and creation of events
- Manifesta. Artistic director of Teatro Cacilda Becker, Rio de Janeiro.
- Here whilst we talk. Organization (together with Andrea Sonnberger) of a series of lectures held by artists, who have been working with walking or with the city; these lectures took place during our project here whilst we walk in Munich;
- Humor no Sérgio Porto. Organization together with Frederico Paredes of a multimedia series of works and lectures related to humor, at Espaço Cultural Sérgio Porto, in July, 2002.

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