Monday, November 16, 2009

Vizinhos Neighbors Vecinos

Without even stepping outside your apartment or house, there they are, your neighbors. They frame your daily life as well as your domestic life through direct or indirect contacts with you, giving your surroundings its characteristic atmosphere, colors, endurance. Any single conglomeration of people´s dwellings produces a neighborhood. Divided by walls, fences, yards, windows and doors, neighborhood is an almost universal phenomenon.

Neighbors, a collaboration project between the dance artists Gustavo Ciríaco (Brazil) and Andrea Sonnberger (Austria), is intended as an open research whose aim is to discover a neighborhood and try to produce links between an arts based practice and the immediate surroundings of a neighborhood. Considering neighborhood as a geographically localized community within a larger city, town or suburb with certain patterns and uses of space and time, our interest lays in creating links or making visible the actual and existing ones.

Première: Festival En-transito, Casa Encendida, Madrid. October 2009.
Residencies: Espaço Alkantara, Lisbon. July 2009.
                     Casa Encendida, Madrid. October 2008.

Public showings:
Jerusalem Show, Al Mamal Foundation, Jerusalem. October 2011.
Espaço Alkantara, Lisbon. July 2009.

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