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Where the horizon moves
Where the horizon moves
Where the horizon moves 

a project by Gustavo Ciríaco

A landscape gathers men and women, city and nature, history and phantasmagoria, imaginaries and horizons. It possesses at the same time something unnamable, sublime and something rather ordinary, fleeting at its apprehension, though generator of endless narratives, biographies and fables.

In the old far western movies, there was often this moment, when a figure or figures emerged from nowhere, from far away. A reading moment of the landscape, where distant elements got revealed as they approached us little by little, finally becoming Indians, the Seventh Cavalry Regiment or wild bisons. Evanescent figures blurred by the distance and by light which materialized as soon as our eyes were capable discerning the details, presences and realness. Nowadays, this dimension has been lost. No one arrives from afar.

How does something enter our field of vision? How does it get processed and become the matter of dreams, stories, lives? Which transformations any kind of information goes through when seen afar? How forms, colors, textures contribute in this ever changing panorama around us? What does the gradual appearance of something promote/provoke in our perception, the way it happens and its successive interpretations?

Influenced by what we manage to see, how far our vision reaches what comes before our very eyes, the landscape frames the world we see, the world we navigate through. Thinking landscape as a shared fiction, Where the horizon moves charms the audience to experience the horizon as a playful panorama where contemplation and imagination go hand in hand with fable making and daily life sublime.

Through subtle and visible transformations in the landscape Where the horizon moves rescues the poetic, yet ordinary aspect in the basic movement of coming towards a place. Here the spectators, as the watchmen of yesterday, struggle to define what they see in the horizon, these fleeting figures under the sun who become mankind, stories or history.

The project is part of the official program led by Maus Hábitos & Guimarães European Cultural Capital (June 2012) and part of the Rio Occupation London & London Cultural Olympiads 2012, with presentations at v22 | Biscuit Factory (London, Uk).

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