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A room of wonder | Tokyo | The Collection

Room 502

It’s your fault, by Ryo Fujii.

Ryo Fujii
A sculptor and multimedia artist, as a teenager, Ryo had the habit of inviting friends for meetings for which he didn’t show up. Instead he chose a particular context where his friends would interact, such as a canteen, the working place for the girl that one of his friends secretly admired. Hidden away, he would check their reactions. As a translation to this situation, he asked the visitor in front a closed door, to give the instructions for an excellent performer who is the room.  I want something very dramatic. I want to see the limits of human being. I want to laugh, were some of the things the visitors have asked. Door open and then closed. Lights on. The performer accomplishes the task. Now the next performer.

Are you satisfied?, by Takumi Kitada.

Takumi Kitada

A sculpture artist, dealing with photography, installation, interactive art and drawing. He is silent, attentive and serious, but sensitive to people’s demands. When he was at the age of five, his father was very sick and his death was eminent. In this fragile state, yet not feeble in spirit, taught his son how to carve until it the work was done. More than teaching a skill that would be fundamental in his practice, his father was leaving a legacy in values. Applied ethics. He would say: Are you satisfied? In a room with two chairs facing each other, Takumi with his calm mood asks the visitor the same question: Are you…?


The space you draw in, by Megumi Kamimura

Megumi Kamimura
As a choreographer and dancer, Megumi is curious about how a body in space creates poetry out of position and dislocation. As a wonder, Megumi selected a quite ordinary experience, but one that has produced in her a sense of the sublime she was after. Everyday she would pass, in her daily metro ride, by a very open non-space, in the sequence of a typical Tokyoite urban landscape fragmented by layers and layers of man-made constructions. She remembers the sensation that produced in her. As an experience, the visitor followed instructions written in pieces of paper in certain points of the room. The fridge is listening to your breathing. The floor is seeing the back of your feet. Little by little, one is carried through the space until an open space is revealed. The vacant space is watching you.

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