Friday, November 30, 2012

A room of wonder | Tokyo | The Collection

Room 308


Soft impact, by Kento Nito.

Kento Nito 
Sculptor and performing artist. Innovative in his different approaches to art, here he blends video and performance for one single moment of soft impact. When as a teenager, Kento had the experience of falling from high fence (6m). He would have died, if it weren’t for a pile of straw that   has smoothen the impact of his fall. Later on, he decided to be an artist. In his video, in a subjective camera, we accompany someone in his wanderings in an outside area between buildings. We see what he sees while he walks up the stairs: the sky, clouds, windows, some passing birds and then in the courtyard downstairs we see partially some straw on the floor. Out of a sudden, we realize this person is falling. The moment he reaches the straw on the floor, we feel a soft impact.
Through my eyes, by Daiske Kinoshita.
Daiske Sound System box by Kento Nito.

Daiske Kinoshita is a flute and contemporary musician, used to play from classical composers to experimental contemporary music. As wonder, his very experience of playing and expressing through music at the same time as he sees the reactions of the people in the audience. Only he can see this. In a box, with a connecting tube hanging outside it, stands Daiske's particular sound system. The visitors can produce any sound and it becomes  music. This way, while trying different sounds, the visitors make a short concert with the box for the small audience of visitors that accompanies them. They reenact this way Daiske’s experience without realizing it. 

Noriyuki Kiguchi is a theatre maker who found his theatre during his experience as a worker at construction sites. His boyhood was marked by an ambiguous perspective towards future. On one side the future was dark, pessimistic, as portrayed in films as Mad Max and The day after. On the other hand, it would be when technology would save mankind. The future was the years 2000, our present time now. Central to this period of his life was the meeting with metal music, his first individual artistic choice. As a way of translating this experience expanded over his years of as a teenager, he thought of a book where the images of these two possible futures would merge to here and now. His project is yet to be concluded. The essence, though, of how it’s going to be like is already there.

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