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A room of wonder | Tokyo | The Project

                                                                                                                       photo by Yoi Kawakubo

A room of wonder | Tokyo

An idea that has been charming me for a while. Some time ago, thinking about ways of saving one's memory in this subtle struggle against disappearance, and at the same time involved in a private reflection on an artist's ability to leave traces that can be experienced by other people, I came across the cabinets of curiosities, also called wunderkammer. These wonder rooms were private collections during the Renaissance, individual portrayals of the vastness and sublime of the world in a room.   A devotional place, with no apparent rational categorization, but where the display was meant to produce wonder, to incite one's own imaginative recollection of the world.

A room of wonder | Tokyo takes inspiration in these wonder rooms and invites a group of artists to the adventure of creating a collection of wonders and its translation and insertion in real time in an exhibition room for common share, with no limit of the medias used. A collection of their artistic trajectories, of their daily lives, of their belonging to different histories of art, of the scene, of their imaginaries and of their time. A collection of Japanese men and women, dancers, actors, sculptors, video artists, performers, ordinary people, working collaboratively across fields, helping each other, sharing tools and knowledge for the creation of one room of wonders.

There in Tokyo, it was amazing, touching and very exciting to be together with a fantastic team of artists. Full of ideas and with a sincere will to share and merge into each other questions and biographies, this group has gradually built their own collection of wonders, their standpoints, gathering their letters to the future. A partial view of this world is here open to the public. Be our guest.

A project by: Gustavo Ciríaco (Rio/Lisbon)

In collaboration with:

Daiske Kino-Shita - musician
Kae Ishimoto - dancer
Kento Nito – sculptor and performing artist
Koh Sato – performance and visual artist
Yoi Kawakubo - photographer
Megumi Kamimura – dancer and choreographer
Noriyuki Kiguchi – theatre maker
Ryo Fujii – visual artist / sculptor
Takumi Kitada – visual artist / sculptor

Room 308Daiske Kino-Shita, Kento Nito and Noriyuki Kiguchi
Room 508: Kae Ishimoto, Koh Sato and Yoi Kawakubo
Room 502: Megumi Kamimura, Ryo Fujji and Takumi Kitada

The photos in the posts below were taken under the OPEN STUDIO |  Tokyo Wonder Site – Ayoama, last November 23 (Fri.), 24(Sat.), 2012.

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