Thursday, December 5, 2013

A room of wonder | Tokyo. Artist : Ryo Fujii

Ryo Fujii (Visual artist, Sculptor)

   All Your Fault

In childhood, I vaguely thought that no one had consciousness except me. Although it does not mean that I felt superior then, I remember that my friends looked like robots because I could totally expect how they would react and say. Nowadays I don't doubt it any longer, but I still have a habit of taking too much objective view of anything as I did at that time. Sometimes I realize that I am talking about myself but sounds like talking about someone else, for instance. “All Your Fault” is a kind of performance which has a simple structure and I think when you get an objective view of the unreasonable situation and system, you can find the charm of this work.
Ryo Fujii

[ステートメントArtist Statement]
My work is based on observation of my daily things. In order to consider things in alternative aspects and write a new world over daily life, I express ideas by various media such as video, photograph, installation, and performance.

Born in Okayama, Japan. Currently enrolled in Tokyo University of the Arts, Inter Media Arts as a research student. Graduated from the university, M.F.A., Sculpture in 2013. Royal Academy Schools(London)(Exchange student program) in 2011.
solo show (Gallery&Zakka Gigi, Kanagawa) in Jan 2014, “KOSHIKI ART PROJECT” (Kagoshima) in 2013, etc.
The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park (Shiga) in 2013.
BankART Studio NYK Artist in Residence (Yokohama) in 2013.

© Tokyo Wonder Site | Photos : Masahiro Nagata
Tokyo Experimental Festival, November 15, 16, 17th, 2013. TWS Shibuya.

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