Thursday, December 5, 2013

A room of wonder | Tokyo. Artist: Kae Ishimoto


Kae Ishimoto (Dancer)

I am here to be with you

A piece set in a slightly dark room with just one chair and one bed. When you enter, there’s someone on the bed. You sit down and hold hands with him/her. After a short time, she goes away. It's your turn to lie down on the bed. Another visitor comes in and sits on the chair. A certain amount of time for each visitor. A simple experience between caring and being cared, about being in presence for someone. A situation designed to feel presence.
(Written by Gustavo Ciríaco and Kae Ishimoto)

[Artist Statement]
What I want to create is “confusion”. My performance is based on contemporary and Butoh dance techniques, but I’m interested in non-genre performance. I prefer art where many elements are unified and blend together. Normally people think having a specialty is a good thing but I view it as a limitation. I always try to get performers to try many approaches and techniques. For me, dance is a way of communication, so I always create dance using relationships with others as a base.

Since 2002 Kae Ishimoto has been working with Yukio Waguri. In 2011, she performed “Transformation Girl” in 7 countries choreographed using the Hijikata method of butoh. She is attempting to construct an original, genre-less expression that synthesizes various elements and traditions of dance.
In 2004 she co-created a performance company with 8 musicians called Wangnin Bunmei ("Fool’s Civilization"). She and her company have been invited to 13 countries in Asia, Europe and US.

© Tokyo Wonder Site | photos : Masahiro Nagata
Tokyo Experimental Festival, November 15, 16, 17th, 2013. TWS Shibuya.

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