Thursday, December 5, 2013

A room of wonder | Tokyo. Artist: Kento Nito

Kento Nito (Sculptor, Performing artist)

Soft Impact

It was summer when I was a high school student, I tripped over during working in a high altitude. It was 6m high, the ground was asphalt. It was less than a moment until the fall, but my brain predict the huge impact that would occur to my body.
…and next moment…

(Written by Kento Nito)
[Artist Statement]
I am a sculptor who makes art by using my body as a tool and material. My work starts from thinking about system to make a thing with my emotional and simple action. Quite often I record my creative activities in video clip or other visual media, so that others can watch them. Not only the final form of work but also the making process is one of my important expressions. So I don’t want to divide my work and my action. For that reason, I appear in many of my own works. And sometimes it becomes like performing art. I want to get physical feeling at the moment of the creation, and point out the possibility of contacts with our bodies with all of the things and happenings.

Born in Saitama in 1986. Graduated from Master in sculpture at Tokyo University of the Arts.
"top of heap / root of absence" (2013/ florist_gallery N/ Aichi)
"Tokyo Story 2013 part1 'NOW HERE'" (2013/ TWS Hongo/ Tokyo)
The Opening Exhibition of MOAO “Noted treasures associated with Ome” (2012/ The National Museum of Okutrama/ Tokyo)
"red porcupines" (2012/ Gallery Terra Tokyo/ Tokyo)
“Throwing for the Unforeseen” (2012/ TWS Hongo/ Tokyo)

© Tokyo Wonder Site | photos : Masahiro Nagata
Tokyo Experimental Festival, November 15, 16, 17th, 2013. TWS Shibuya.

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